Best Herbal Products Manufacturing Company Gujarat, India,

Tarushi Formulations LLP is a Best Herbal Products Manufacturing Company Gujarat, India, founded by a group of highly qualifed professionals in the Field of Ayurveda, pharmaceutical technology and research, and a strong background in pharmaceutical marketing.We are in Top 10 Herbal Companies in Gujarat, India.

Our innovative approach of integrating ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with modern science and incorporating research and robust technology for manufacturing the best quality products with consistent effectiveness.

The certifed manufacturing plant is situated in the natural pollution-free GMP environment and well equipped to produce various dosage forms like tablets, capsules, pills, powders, syrup, gel, emulsion, oil, cream, ointment, spray, Natural handmade soap, and herbal cosmetics that are supported with in-house quality control laboratory.

We are committed to building quality, purity, safety, and efficiency in our herbal products based on Ayurvedic Literature and Pharmacopoeia.

We believe in following strictly the ancient ayurvedic literature that way we aim to deliver already established effective formulations to patients by following the strict manufacturing ayurvedic procedures.  

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