1) What is Ayurveda ?

A- Ayur means Life and Veda means Knowledge so meaning of Ayurveda is “Knowledge of Life”. Ayurveda is an ancient medical system that originated around 5000 years ago, much before allopathy and homeopathy. Ayurveda is an ancient time tested method of healing using medicinal ingredients present in nature. Ayurveda works by assessing everybody on an individual level, according to their biological constitution (Prakriti) and disease state (Vikriti). Ayurveda employs a range of dietary, herbal, yoga, meditation and detoxification methods for health and healing.

2) How is Ayurveda different from other medicinal systems?

A- Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest scientific medicinal systems, having a lengthy history of clinical practice derived from Ayurvedic sages and scriptures. Ayurveda works in two ways – Prevention and cure. It means that is works towards preventing potential diseases by strengthening our immunity and its curative components alleviates the illness leading to a healthy body. Ayurveda considers a longer term solution to patient suffering.

3) Where can I find good quality Ayurvedic medicines/ Herbal products?

A- Nature’s abundance provides the therapeutic components for Ayurveda. All Ayurvedic medicines/ Herbal products of Tarushi formulations are high quality, safe, natural and non-toxic.

4) How are Ayurvedic medicines/ Herbal products prepared?

A- Tarushi formulations has its own manufacturing plant where we manufactured all Ayurvedic medicines/ Herbal products. Our facility is ISO 9001 and GMP certified, and all of our formulas are FDA authorized. As a result we maintain the high quality standard of all products.

5) Are there any side-effects of Ayurvedic medicine?

A- Ayurvedic medicines are all natural and have no side effects. They may be useful for all age group. Certain Ayurvedic medicines do need the consultation of a physician.

6) How do I pay for a purchase?

You can use any of the following payment methods: Debit card/ Credit card/Net banking/ Mobile payment/Cash cards Wire/Bank/Fund transfer Payments are proceed through Razorpay’s secure website.

7) What is the estimated delivery time?

A- Estimated delivery time is 5 to 7 days post shipping(business day excluding Sundays and other holidays). Delivery time is dependent on the destination to which order shipped. There might be unexpected delays in delivery due to unavoidable and undetermined logistic challenges beyond our control.

8) Do any Tarushi formulations products contain alcohol?

A- Tarushi hand sanitizer is the only product that contain alcohol and it is for external use only.

9) Can I combine multiple offers

A- No, multiple offers cannot be combined into one order.

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